Garage floors

The WALAstic plastic flooring, which is also used as industrial flooring and workshop flooring meets all the necessary requirements for the perfect garage floor:

  • Very easy to clean, even in the case of heavy soiling
  • Extremely robust
  • Mopping water proof or completely liquid-tight, depending on the type of installation
  • Anti-slip
  • Resistant to oil, grease and a variety of leaches
  • Impact and shockproof
  • Chemical-resistant


WALAstic Rabbet Tiles

WALAstic rabbet tiles are completely bonded and then cold welded and heat-sealed. The flooring is entirely sealed.

Seams can be colour-sealed to indicate different areas.

Now new with fluted surface:
Our newly developed WALAstic Rabbet Tile with fluted surface is not only particularly slip-resistant (R12/V10), it’s also much easier to clean, due to the lack of indentations in the surface.

This makes it to a perfect solution for large kitchens and wet areas.

Measures: 500 x 500 mm
Thickness: 6 / 10 mm

Tip: Can be laid in a floating manner and then cold welded and heat-sealed!

  • No downtime: Installation during on-going production.
  • Refurbishment on all stable subfloors.
  • No setting time: instantly load-resistant.
  • Modular repairs easily done by replacing individual tiles.
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for particular challenges

WALAstic Clip Tile 15 mm

It is particularly suitable for oil-stained, dirty or residual damp flooring due to integrated ligaments and cavities on the reverse side.

Measures445 x 445 mm
Thickness: 15 mm

  • Laid in a floating manner
  • Flexible application.
  • Can be exchanged at any time.
  • DIY installation possible.
  • Suitable for oil-stained, damp / wet floors. *

* Clip tile flooring is only liquid-tight if tiles are heat-sealed.

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WALAstic Clip Tile 6 mm

The extremely robust WALA clip tile can be installed quickly and easily by yourself. This makes it ideal as a reusable PVC floor covering for exhibition stands or rental properties - unsightly floors can be renovated inexpensively!

Measures500 x 500 mm
Thickness: 6 mm

  • Floating installation due to integrated clipping
  • Insulating effect which means that the floor is warm underfoot
  • Anti-slip effect
  • Sound absorption
  • Ergonomic, the elasticity is proven to be joint-friendly
  • DIY installation possible
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Now new:
WALA Product Advisor

Are you unsure which WALA product is right for you? With our interactive product advisor you can find the right soil for your needs


WALAstic garage flooring

The various WALAstic floor tiles master all imaginable challenges:

The WALAstic Rabbet-Tiles are completely bonded with the subfloor and then cold-welded and hot-sealed. The floor is thus completely liquid-tight and is impervious to dirty and wet car tyres caused by rain, snow or ice. This garage floor can only be laid on an even, solid, dry and and steady surface.

The WALAstic Clip-Tile in 15 mm thickness is remarkable for its integrated ligaments and cavities on the reverse side. This enables the floor tiles to be laid on oil-stained, soiled or damp garage floors. The WALAstic Clip-Tile can be laid in a floating manner. However, Clip-Tile flooring is only completely liquid-tight if heat-sealed.

WALAstic Antrittplatte 6mm

If you also wish to use your garage as a workshop or hobby room, we can recommend the WALAstic Clip-Tile 6 mm as this tile can be easily laid without any professional assistance.  It is also especially suitable for rental objects as it can be just as easily removed without leaving any residue. This flooring is mopping water proof and is only completely liquid-tight when cold-welded and heat-sealed.

We also offer matching Step-Up Tiles for all our PVC floor tiles for a perfect completion of the garage floor.

The advantages of WALAstic floor tiles

The refurbishment of a garage floor with WALAstic floor tiles can be carried out quickly and easily. When the floor has been laid in a floating manner, it can be used immediately afterwards as no drying time is necessary. Even after complete bonding the floor can be used after only ca. 5-6 hours.

The WALAstic floor tiles are easy to maintain and are resistant to leaches, oil or grease. These cannot penetrate the surface and can be easily cleaned with the appropriate cleaning agents. We recommend the WL Industrial Cleaner, which is highly effective in the removal of grease, oil,  soot and exhaust grime as well as vehicle tracks.

Especially important for garage floors is of course the resilience of the load-bearing capacity. As they are predestined for application in industrial flooring, WALAstic PVC floor tiles can master the high burden of vehicles without any problems whatsoever.

The elasticity of the flooring is not only ergonomic for the users, it is also sound-absorbing.  While  metal parts cause clanging noises when they fall onto concrete floors, the WALAstic PVC floor tiles absorb most of the noise. In addition to this, the WALAstic floor tiles are insulating, which means that the garage floor is always pleasantly warm underfoot.

Individual design options

All WALAstic floor tiles are available in the standard colours black and anthracite. On request you can order the Rabbet Tiles as well as the Clip-Tiles in 6 mm in many other colours. 

Individual  areas on the garage floor can not only be marked by different coloured tiles, but also by coloured cables for welding the tiles in matching or in contrasting colours. In addition to these options, you can also have the WALAstic floor tiles printed with pictograms or with your company logo.

Ensured sustainability
We are certified by the German Institute for Sustainability & Economics!

In times of climate change and acute shortage of raw materials, the issue of sustainability is becoming increasingly existential. That is why we focus on sustainable and climate-friendly processes in the company. In cooperation with the German Institute for Sustainability & Economics, we are pleased to be able to provide you with proof of this. 


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