Trade fair flooring / Display areas

You have certainly often mused over flooring for a trade fair appearance, or for a presentation and exhibition space…

  • which can be laid and disassembled in the shortest possible time
  • which can endure this procedure not just once, but many, many times
  • which can be laid in flexible areas by using Step-up and corner tiles
  • which ensures a barrier-free entrance to your presentation area – without any tripping hazards
  • which is durable, easy to maintain, insulating and sound-absorbing
  • the elasticity of which makes it easy to walk on and supports a back-friendly work posture, even after hours of standing
  • which is available in many standard colours , optionally also in your corporate colours
  • which can be customized with your company logo
  • which has a grained surface, remaining anti-slip even when wet
  • which can be stacked and stored after the fair or exhibition in a small space (tile size 500 x 500 mm)


WALAstic Clip Tile 6 mm

The extremely robust WALA clip tile can be installed quickly and easily by yourself. This makes it ideal as a reusable PVC floor covering for exhibition stands or rental properties - unsightly floors can be renovated inexpensively!

Measures500 x 500 mm
Thickness: 6 mm

  • Floating installation due to integrated clipping
  • Insulating effect which means that the floor is warm underfoot
  • Anti-slip effect
  • Sound absorption
  • Ergonomic, the elasticity is proven to be joint-friendly
  • DIY installation possible
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Our trade fair flooring

Robust, presentable and flexible

Our WALA flooring system places virtually no limits on your design possibilities for your exhibition and trade fair flooring.

High standards are required for trade fair or exhibition flooring:

  • It has to be laid easily and quickly on diverse subfloors
  • It must be durable enough to cope with many visitors
  • It has to be barrier-free as this is a must for customer-friendliness and is essential for trade fair flooring
  • It has to be sustainable as trade fairs are only for a limited length of time and an optimal trade fair flooring must be re-used many times.
  • It has to endure being laid and disassembled many times without any problems whatsoever. Should you wish to change the colour of the flooring, we will take the flooring back and it will be calculated as part-exchange for your new WALA floor tiles.
  • Attractive look – high-quality and easy-to-clean floor tiles which enhance your trade fair stand with their surface structure, colour, flexible laying, printed motifs and logos.

High standards for flooring which is mostly only laid in one place for a few days are absolutely no problem for our WALA trade fair flooring!

The WALA Clip Tile, the all-round talent among trade fair flooring options

We are proud to offer you a genuine all-round talent which is perfectly suitable as trade fair or exhibition flooring  – the WALA-Clip tile.

The trade fair flooring is laid in a floating manner which means that bonding or any other type of fixing on the subfloor is not necessary. This allows the floor tiles to be quickly removed without leaving any residue.

In addition to the advantage of the fast and easy laying and removal of this trade fair flooring, the material properties are also advantageous. The WALA- Clip tile is composed of high-quality PVC which is extremely robust, easy to care for as well as being heat- and cold insulating. The elasticity of this PVC trade fair flooring makes it especially back-friendly, even after hours of standing during the trade fair. The grained surface of the WALA-Clip tile remains anti-slip, even when wet.


The high-quality PVC ensures that this trade fair flooring can be laid and removed again and again, allowing you to use it for a number of years. This trade fair flooring can be stacked and stored after the fair or exhibition in a small space (tile size 500 x 500 mm).

Should you wish to change the colour of the flooring, as a recycling specialist company we will take the flooring back and it will be calculated as part-exchange for your new WALA floor tiles!

Flexible and barrier-free

Thanks to the individual floor tiles, the WALAstic trade fair flooring places virtually no limits on your design possibilities. It is therefore no problem if your trade fair stands vary in size or hindrances such as pillars have to be repositioned.

The appropriate Step-up tiles do not only provide an optically suitable boundary for your trade fair stand, but also prevent tripping hazards and render your trade fair stand 100% barrier-free.

Various design possibilities pave the way for a successful overall concept


You are also completely flexible in the design of the flooring. The WALA-Clip-tiles can be combined in different colours depending on your requirements.

Our WALA-Clip tiles can be easily produced with your corporate colours on request to support your corporate design. Printing on WALA-Clip tiles is also no problem. Optically upgrade your trade fair flooring by having your company logo, other motifs or pictograms printed on it.

Ensured sustainability
We are certified by the German Institute for Sustainability & Economics!

In times of climate change and acute shortage of raw materials, the issue of sustainability is becoming increasingly existential. That is why we focus on sustainable and climate-friendly processes in the company. In cooperation with the German Institute for Sustainability & Economics, we are pleased to be able to provide you with proof of this. 


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